I’m back & in more ways than one! Not sure if anyone realised that I missed last weeks blog but due to barbershops reopening in Melbourne due to easing of restrictions things went from 0-100 real quick! Area Studio & Area Academy are back open for business & we have been smashed! 

I’m grateful that throughout lockdown I had the opportunity to write on this platform every single week & I was able to share my thoughts with the readers of the CTJ. Now that life has “kind of” resumed closer to normality- my hands are fuller than ever & I may have to spread out my writings & insights unfortunately. 

I’m sure all of my Melbournian peers can relate – but it’s been craziest first week or so back at the shop! Quite simply, that meant I couldn’t find the time or mental energy to write. As much as I wanted to I knew I just couldn’t. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken since the announcement from the premier was made! 

I heard another great & very relatable quote recently that explains this week well – “Don’t drop the pie reaching for the apple”. 

This week helped me understand this quote in the way that – it’s ok to say no sometimes. Although that apple looks juicy & shiny, reaching for it may just make you overstretch yourself meaning you could drop the whole pie. Now, I’m no expert on giving self care advice as I continuously tend to burn the candle at both ends – however I know my limits & it was important for me to prioritise. Although this blog is like a delicious pink lady apple for me, I had to give it a skip last week & may have to write every 2 weeks from now instead of 1. Please don’t shed too many tears! 

To give you some context on my week. It’s 6am & I’ve got up an hour early & skipped my morning cycle to finally get around to this. I am entering into my 9th day of work in a row & have 2 more to go in the shop before an Academy session on Sunday. It’s been hectic! 

At work I’ve had day’s full of makeovers & eating my lunch over the bin whilst my next client is waiting for me. Recording educational content, doing 1 on 1 training sessions, organising & completing campaign photoshoots (coming soon) & so much more… 

However there is always a beauty behind the madness. Its been an amazing week & admittedly I love being busy. Being back at work made me feel as though the lockdown wasn’t so long & torturous after all. It was just like yesterday that we were back at the shop & the smiles we are leaving on people’s faces as they leave the shop is an irreplaceable feeling. 

My new & beloved Area Academy is now open for bookings & requests for Victorian workshops. Fingers crossed by the end of the year or early next year we will be able to travel interstate once borders reopen. 

Anyway, I best get myself cleaned up & back behind the chair for some more transformations. I hope everyone reading this is well & has a lovely weekend! 

Until the next time!