As a barber, I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to have sampled and trialled a variety of scissors and shears, from a large number of brands and organizations.

The question I have consistently been asked by up and coming barbers and hairdressers is, do the type of scissors you use really matter?

One can argue that the end goal is to trim or slice the hair, so as long as the scissors you are using are sharp enough, it shouldn’t make a difference… right?

I’ll run through the main key point in my opinion into why the type of scissors or shears you use does make a significant difference.

Ergonomics. The type of scissors you use will have a telling impact on your body over time. When I say body, I am referring to your hands, wrists, fingers, and shoulders to be more specific. It is extremely important when selecting the scissors you will be using for the next couple of years, that you choose a pair that is going to sit comfortably in your hands. For some people, that might mean a curved cutting blade, for others it might mean a swivel thumb ring. Take the time to feel a few pairs, hold them in your hands. Are they comfortable? Can you easily and quickly switch between grips mid haircut? Do they feel like they are a part of your hand?

Longevity in our industry is the end goal. It is up to us as industry professionals to ensure we are doing everything in our power to reach that goal. We’re happy to go out and spend exorbitant amounts of money on fancy gold clippers, trimmers, and hairdryers, but for some reason scissors are usually overlooked, which I find extremely odd. Scissors are the most fundamental tool of your career, so don’t be afraid to take the time to find the right pick.

At this stage of my career I have made the switch to Osaka Scissors, more specifically the Osaka Styx 63 Cobalt. For me they have been a game changer. Perfect fit, light on my wrist, with a unique thumb ring that has taken the pressure right off my thumb while slicing.

So to answer the question, Yes! The type of scissors you use does matter, so choose wisely!

Billy Mansour

Managing Director

Dapper & Boss


Leonie Truong – Osaka Scissors