Barbers can now manage walk-ins and bookings in one system. Designed for busy barbershops to get more people in chairs by smoothing the flow of people with our kiosk and “queue ahead” feature. No need for extra staff, it is all automated. Streamline your payments and get faster reporting and amazing insights into your shop performance. Link with your social media and web to get clients who are searching checked into your shop, online payments secure their place on the queue. SLIKR is the coolest new Barber app available and is FREE for shops. 70% – 90% of your clients love what SLIKR has to offer so get on aboard now. No lock in contracts 

Consumer Accessories – Mo Comb, Beard Comb, Pocket Comb, Flip Comb, Styling Comb, Quiff Roller, Toothbrush, Wash Bags and a range of custom T-Shirts.
Barber’s Collection Accessories – Barber Scrub, Hard Rubber Styling Comb, Hard Rubber Cutting Comb, Spray Bottles, Hand Towel, Neck Towel, Capes.

P: 1-800-601-771