There is no better test of greatness than “standing the test of time” and Cella Crema Sapone passes with flying colours. The formula for Cella is virtually unchanged since it’s introduction in 1899. In Italy, you will
find many master barbers and experienced wet-shavers that consider Cella to be the greatest shaving soap ever produced. Cella comes in two formats, a 150 gram screw-top red “Ciotola” (tub/bowl) and a 1000
gram block in a red cardboard box. Being a soft soap, pieces can easily be sliced off the block and folded into your favorite shaving bowl or mug. For those that prefer convenience and travel often, the 150 gram
Ciotola is the preferred choice. Cella is scented of sweet almonds or marzipan.

P: 0455 558 415