I was happily surprised when I stumbled on the bizarre looking barbershop in Brown Street, just off Hunter Street in Newcastle. Looking at all the crazy masks and theatrical paraphernalia I did not know whether it was a costume design shop or a tribute to the Rocky Horror show.

It was the unique 32 year old Daniel Prestage’s shop, who is having a crack at a distinctive look and fun approach to barbering. It’s good business sense to have a  point of difference and here it was, staring at you from all angles inside this eclectic barbershop. The large masterpiece mural on the back wall of the shop was just one of many of Daniels creations. It showcased a little bit of the personality of an artist who took up the challenge of the art of being a barber. Daniel did his time in Melbourne first as a hairdresser, then he fell in love with the clippers and devoted his time to become a great barber. He had worked with other smart operators like one of his good mates Fabian Sfameni, a third generation Barber from the famous Uncle Rocco’s in Port Melbourne.  Fabian was very interested in hearing about Daniel’s success when I had a quick chat with him on a recent Melbourne trip.

Daniel moved to Newcastle to start up his first shop because he recognized the large market and lots of reasonably priced locations. He told me he had a life changing moment when he got to meet Lady Gaga in person after getting her attention during a concert. He became good friends with her and she gave him the advice to do what you want in this life and you will always succeed. Another good barber story about people following their passion.

I sat through a few of Daniels cuts and shaves and the punters lapped up the treatment he dished out. A tough looking railway worker was in a trance and relaxing as Daniel gave his head a good old oil moisturizing after a Cutthroat shave.

This place is definitely a must visit for anyone looking for some cool ideas for their shop. It’s honestly like walking into an amusement park of concepts and his collection of crazy stuff makes you smile inside and out. Daniel does sculpture as well as painting.

Shop 3 Brown St, Newcastle, new south wales 2300
0488 854 247