Black Pearl / Classic Bay Rum Body Wash

Always beware of someone who starts a conversation with “This morning in the shower…” However, this morning I showered with the Modern Pirate, ‘Black Pearl / Classic Bay Rum Body Wash’ and it was a great experience. Men’s products rarely have a pump action, which was a pleasure to use and prevents wastage. A couple of pumps gave me a foamy lather that covered the body.

The smell was out of this world, with aloe vera gel and sea buckthorn extract, said to have many health benefits, was masculine and luxurious. Hard to go back to using other products after using this one!

Modern Pirate Superior Hair Pomade

Nice black/blue packaging, great red coloured pomade and superb coconut & vanilla smell. But this is all just a façade! I want to get to the guts of this product and compare, from someone who religiously uses strong water-based pomades. Against others in this category, it varies so greatly in its colour, feel and touch to other pomades that my expectations were low, but the reality was a very different affair! Non-waxy, it was more malleable and easier to work and style into the hair, and it held all day! Also allows for touch ups throughout the day with the smallest amount of water application. Superior in every way!

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