Written by Eoin McCarthy

What’s up! I’d like to start this weeks blog entry by saying that I hope everyone in Victoria is holding up alright after the latest news – especially on this R U OK Day. This week’s writings are going to be real. My real honest feelings & thoughts. I pride myself in being real & I want to share that feeling with you. Just a little disclaimer to start, the message I am trying to convey in this piece is one that I’m sure everyone in Victoria can relate to right now. I want to let you all know that you are not alone in feeling this way.

I’ve struggled a little this week. I’ve struggled to find the time to sit down & write this blog due to moving house (as we got booted out of our old one due to this virus). I’ve struggled to think about what to write about in this piece as I’ve not been feeling overly inspired. Lastly, I’ve struggled with the latest announcement from the government – like I’m sure everyone has. It’s hard to remain 100% positive, 100% of the time. 

I was very hesitant when typing this & tried my best to keep my opinions off my social media – but I feel like this is a perfect medium to pour out my thoughts so that I can even rationalise them myself. I would like the tone of this blog to resonate not only with business owners & everyone in our industry that’s out of work but for also for all my fellow immigrants trying to make ends meet over here without any government support. It’s ok to feel momentarily down & uninspired. Life can be shit sometimes but as long as we know it’s momentary that’s the most important thing. I have been living in Australia 4 years as of next week, having paid higher tax rates the whole time & now due to a complex visa situation I find myself in a time of struggle & I’m not eligible for a single penny. So admittedly its been hard & it’s going to be hard. I’ve never been one to want a handout, but a hand up would be nice at this stage.

Throughout this time I’ve been fortunate in the respect that I’ve kept myself busy & productive – but now I am tired of this BS. This week was the first time I just felt tired of it. I expected a 2-week extension but 7 weeks was unimaginable. 

However, it is what it is, I’ve overcome many obstacles in my past & I know I will overcome this also. I know that we, as an industry will come out of this swinging! The best view always comes after the hardest climb. Now it’s time to restructure plans & goals as well as creating some new ones.

I don’t believe in luck, but I genuinely believe we are just unlucky to be in Victoria right now. Who could have predicted it? I also firmly believe that you create your own luck – so as much as I am empathetic for not only my situation but everyone else’s too, we gotta learn to swim or we will sink. I’m not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself & neither should anyone else! 

Coronavirus looks like it’s going to be around for a while & like many other viruses, diseases & illnesses we’ve had to learn to live with them. So I’ve had my little rant – I got that out of my system. Now let’s open the next chapter. Time to create some new plans! 

That’s it for this week, once I settle into this new place I’ll be back to my normal ways. I have some very exciting news coming soon & have been trying my utmost to prepare for a last-minute photo shoot. Watch this space! 

Before I sign out this week – check up on your mates, make sure everyone is ok. I am always here for a chat with anyone who may need it! Just reach out. 

Finally – a friend of mine Crystal Wilson just started her own video series/podcast called “The Successful Stylist UN-FOILED”. In this series, she will be interviewing people in the industry who have different intriguing stories. I feature in her second episode – check it out, it’s a little more inspiring than this bloody blog I promise… 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/34XNG5Jki3Z2PyloDuaLk8?si=uRwMsZ4XRa68gVS8jD-WDA

YouTube: https://youtu.be/V0783UB2g1A

Until next week! ✌?