During our time teaching & demonstrating we have noticed many stylists struggle with fully understanding mid-length men’s hair. Whether it comes to scissor work, razor work or simply understanding the theory behind creating different shapes & structure. This is where CONC3PT comes in. We want to help you discover new techniques that will allow you to transform your skill set & bring it to the next level. Ultimately we want to challenge the way you currently look at men’s hair & aid you in realising your potential! 

This Modern Men’s Haircutting Workshop will be held by educators Eoin McCarthy & Leigh Winsor on Sunday February 28th & will cater to both Barbers & Hairdressers of all skill levels. 


More about CONC3PT: 

Our concept courses are 1 day extensive workshops specifically designed around a particular concept or topic within men’s haircutting. We will be offering these classes to fellow stylists with the goal of enhancing their growth & understanding of a particular area within their own skillset. 

Whether it’s men’s scissor work, fading, longer men’s hair, Asian or Afro hair – we got you covered! We will be sharing with attendees our mindset & thought process through visual demonstration & in depth explanation – showcasing a diverse range of skills.

Why is there a “3” in CONC3PT? Facilitating to each different type of learner is of the utmost importance for us, therefore all our workshops & classes will include the 3 primary elements of learning. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetics. Seeing, hearing & doing.


All information on our Academy can be found on our website along with tickets which are available NOW

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