Henry  // Midderzdabarber

Henry aka Midderzdabarber

I started my journey in barbering back in 2013, inspired by the original barbers that worked at Culture Kings.

My passion for the craft secured me a spot as part of the original barber member for the Melbourne CK store when they opened up in Sept 2013. I remember this like it was yesterday! One of my proudest moment especially after only being in the game for about 6 months, had to lie about that though haha minimum experience needed was 2 years, so you know, your boy had to do what’s necessary to lock in that position.

Ok CK is where I consider the starting point of my career as that is where I learned most of what I can do now as a barber, met some talented barbers along the way and learned something from each and everyone of them.  Currently doing my own thing and also working at Bossmanbarbers, check them out. Ready to cut some hair on stage and have some fun!