Eneasi Tongi // Cut Above Acadamy

Born Kiwi , But my background is Tongan. Youngest of 6. I grew up around my oldest brother Joe and his barbershop and I have always been into art. My creative side lead me into barbering. Growing up I didn’t ever think I’d be a barber and yes I have done my garage cuts in the past but didn’t think anything of it. 16 , I moved to Australia with my sister to live with my brother Joe and at age 20 I was trying to look for a job while living with my brother Joe in the Gold Coast and when I couldn’t find anything my brother bought me clippers and asked me to help him out at he shop and said to me “If you can draw you can cut hair, Barbering is an Art” and that’s where it all began. I worked for a year in the Gold Coast learning the tricks of the trade and picked it up pretty fast aswell then decided to move back to live with my parents in NZ and thought I’d get my qualification as a barber at Cut Above Acadamy and now currently working part time at Cutting Crew new Lynn

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