Aussie favourite brand King Brown continue to expand their product offering and have introduced Beard Grooming oil to the brands portfolio.

A collaboration with the one and only Scott who started Scoop Deluxe and Daen from King Brown has resulted in this amazing beard oil that is filled with Australian ingredients and authenticity. 

We had the pleasure of asking Scott some questions on his part in the project and what he has been up to over the past few years since disbanding the Scoop Deluxe brand. – Paul Valentine

Scott, it’s great to see you back! Your brand Scoop Deluxe launched back in 2013 but you somewhat vanished from the ‘beard market’ a few years back, what’s the story?

Basically I lost the passion and enjoyment from making it.   I started it because there wasn’t anything in the Australian market and anything of quality coming out of America.  I spent a lot of time late 2012 early 2013 researching and mixing ingredients to get a product that was all the highest quality and that I thought was good.  The social media beard scene hadn’t really kicked off but it soon did after I got some promotion from Ricki Hall and Chris Millington out of the UK model scene.  After 6 years of me making it, promoting it, interacting with wholesale and retail and running the entire business as well as working full time as a mechanical fitter I was burnt out.   It got quite hectic.  So I decided lifestyle over dominating the beard game was for me. 

How did your colab with King Brown come about?

I saw King Brown pop up on Instagram back in 2013 and Daen contacted me not long after and we hit it off straight away.  I think we are both similar, both easy going.  King Brown and Scoop Deluxe helped promote each other on socials and in barber shops early on. Then I pulled the pin on production.  I got inundated with offers from so many people to buy the formulas or buy the brand, but I wasn’t interested in any of them, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would honour my brand.  Sometime in 2020 the King Brown boys contacted me and asked if I would be keen for a colab. Honestly it was an easy decision for me.  The King Brown brand suits my brand. 

This new product from King Brown boasts utilising your original base formulation with a few updates, how did you find the process of working with another brand and not just for yourself?

Apart from the numerous covid set backs it was an easy process.  The boys are as fastidious as I am when it comes to quality.  As I’ve mentioned, King Brown and Scoop Deluxe have the same mind set.  If you make a high quality product with impeccable customer service you can’t go wrong.  The products speak for themselves.

Were there any contributing factors to you agreeing to somewhat return to the industry?

Apart from the constant DMs asking when I was coming back as there wasn’t anything the same on the market, it’s honestly the King Brown brand that made me decide it’s on.

Can we look forward to further colabs between yourself and King Brown, or perhaps a full Scoop Deluxe revival?

Since the launch I’ve got my passion back, and I’m getting asked a lot about my balms.  We may be working on a balm but you’ll have to watch this space.  Not sure about a full revival but you never know.

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