When we visited Clipper City, an urban barber shop in the heart of Newcastle, it was an early Saturday afternoon. During our time there, the boys, Tim and Jake, were literally run off their feet. It was standing room only as the steady stream of punters filed in, waiting for their sick fade or line up. While they waited, they were kept entertained by urban tunes pumping from the DJ booth while they watched the latest sport updates on the tele. If that wasn’t enough to keep someone amused, there’s always the chance to play a video game or two or grab some merch. The atmosphere at Clipper City is definitely chill. Walking off busy Hunter St into this barber shop with its soothing red walls, dim lighting and soulful tunes, you can really take some time out in this place. No one seems to mind the wait, as Tim and Jake put their full attention on the punter in the chair, taking the time to perfect the stylin’ trim up they came for. It’s definitely a boys’ hang out and I’m sure would appeal to lots of young grommies as well. It’s great to see how diversified the barber industry has become. The boys from Clipper City have tapped into their own passions and interests and introduced them to their customers – and it’s obviously working. There has been a string of visiting celebs walk through their door, including Anthony Mundine and NRL stars Willie Mason and Beau Ryan. This year they have opened another barber shop in Cronulla and are opening a third in Bali in 2014 .

Thanks for your time, boys; keep up the good work.

301 hunter street, newcastle, new south wales 2300
(02) 4009 1552