Cleaning your tool and other barber must haves is not sexy. Lets face it. 

Cleaning your tool and other barber ‘must haves’ is not sexy. Let’s face it. 

Most barbers are interested in products that they can use to style, shape and form the perfect cut, so a bottle of disinfectant or a clipper cleaner is not on the top of the list for their most desired products. However, they play a vital role in customer and staff hygiene and if not used can cause a myriad of health and skin issues.

Many use hospital grade disinfectants and subpar sprays that can certainly kill germs on your tool but can damage them if not drained and dried correctly. They can also cause harm to customers’ skin.

Clipper cleaners are a good cleaning solution but may leave hair, skin and product residue and you certainly don’t want those lingering on your tool! Well that was until Clip It was released – the game changer!

Clip It spray has all the functions of other clipper sprays but cleans your tool so much more effectively, in a portion of the time, due to the jet nozzle application that gets right into the small parts of the tool for a clean that they have not had before.

The CLIP IT jet nozzle application that gets right into the tool for a clean that your tool has never had before.

It smells amazing, looks hot AF on the barber station and is proudly AU made and produced. Tested to Australian standards as well for ultimate piece of mind, cleaning your tool has never been more enjoyable!

There is also scope for Clip It to be sold to customers for use on their tools at home as well. What a great gift to them to know their tool will be fresh, germ-free and very very appealing.

It’s an opportunity to increase your retail sales too, so it’s a win win scenario.

So, why wouldn’t you want your tool cleaned and kept in its best condition?

It’s a no brainer, for more information and to buy online go to the Cutthroat Journal Online Shop and keep your tool looking sharp!