Premium Angus mince with
some added salt.

Large Brioche burger bun

Large smoked dill pickle

2 slices of Kraft single cheese

A good tomato sauce with some added Valentino mild chili sauce.

Maple bacon


The mince patty is rolled in glad wrap as its comes out of the mincer and refrigerated – cut into patties when ready to grill * this method make’s the burger patties less chewy unlike ball rolling mince patty’s. Grill burger two minutes on each side on a hot plate. Melt cheese onto patties in final stages of grilling.

Oven grill streaky bacon with some good Canadian maple syrup until caramelized.

Layer the beef patty, bacon and on half of the pre- sauced brioche bun and add smoked pickle. Serve with shoestring fries.

‘Eat and let the beef juices run through your whiskers.’

Known as double beef, double cheese, double bacon, double bypass!