Starting off my hairdressing career age 19 at Hob Salons from their academy in Camden Town, I immersed myself in the company from day one. I liked their way of thinking, everything was very structured and precise. My mentors back then told me that hairdressing wasn’t easy and that if it was, then I wasn’t doing it right, so although at first this way of thinking felt the long way around, I now know, it was the right way. I worked my way up as a stylist, picking up numerous awards from competitions, which in turn brought amazing opportunities such as working on stage with GHD Style Squad and London Fashion Week Men’s for Fudge.
After three years of building my hairdressing career, my attention quickly turned to men’s hair. I had found that this was where my passion and love really laid, and if luck should have it during this time, two of my now best friends, Josh Lamonaca and Samuel Palmer were in the motions of opening a brand new salon – MENSPIRE. I made the jump and joined Menspire to open their first salon, 59 Stanhope Road, St Albans – fitting in only five chairs at a push, it was cosy to say the least. I remember the feeling of working here, mainly the feeling in my stomach when I was working in the section between Josh and Sam – No pressure! But this was a time where I really learned, coming from a hairdressing background, I never could have imagined being trained so highly in men’s hair. I look back at this time in our first shop and regard those days as completely invaluable to where I am today.
After two years of hard work, came the arrival of a bigger premises and a bigger team! By this time, I was teaching a lot more – the ball was rolling, it was an exciting time for Menspire and I, but this was just the beginning. Fast forward two more years finds us where we are today, six salons internationally, around 50 employees and one UK academy. My days have now taken me away from the salon and my clients and into the academy and my students. Now, alongside Josh, I am the International Educator. From Europe to Australia, around America and back again, we are now gearing up to take on South America and Asia, spreading our passion, love and knowledge for what we do at Menspire, to whoever wants to hear it. Back in the UK, things are not slowing down either. From 2019 we are excited to bring you our new academy, focusing solely on beginners in the industry. Directed by myself and Josh Lamonaca, I mark this as a true milestone in my career.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far and I look forward to seeing you all in the future!