The Great Ocean Road /Australia/
Believe it or not, I’ve never been behind the wheel for this road. I feel like I should be kicked out of the country? Either that, or I should head down next weekend?

The Amalfi Coast /Italy/
The only location where an 86 will be compulsory. And I’ll finish up my drive by getting that raw driving machine on the ferry over to Capri for a jaunt around the island. Bellissimo!

HWY 64n /USA/
Sometimes, you just want a long, straight stretch with nothing in front of you but a steering wheel – oh, and maybe some Canyon views.

Skipper Canyon Road /NZ/
This road actually requires a permit to take it on. Sounds like a challenge to me!

8.3 km of fun in the form of bitumen. Built on several small islands and skerries, spanned by eight bridges and several landfills – this is an ocean view done the right way.

Pacific Coast Highway /USA/
Having missed the opportunity to do this one during my time at H-DMC, I think I need to finally add this one into the list so I can create some truly envy-inspiring shots!

Millau Viaduct /France/
Believe it or not, this is only the 12th highest bridge in the world! But when the clouds roll in, driving that 432 meter span across the Tarn River would be like driving across the clouds.


Skipper Canyon R