Traditional, classic, and occasionally modern men’s haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and nothing but the best products from around the globe to complement.
With a dark hardwood finish, like an old Canadian Hunting Lodge, taxidermy, anything old school and vintage to suit …
Before the service, men are offered beers, rums, and/or whiskeys. (Can we mention the cigars in our humidifier?)

There is no TV or electronics inside, so you’ll really be taken back in time and feel the whole experience right up to when you’re walking out the door.
Within a year there’s already two shops with a huge men-only clientele, The Moustachery isn’t slowing down anytime soon; with the right barbers, this shop will be seen all over Australia in no time!

A shop run by a barber, with a barber only staff is the way a shop should be; there are no retail managers or large investors to spoil that for us or our clientele.
Not like your average modern pop-up shop – our towels are hot, and our beers are cold.
There’s pride in the tools we use and the service we provide; there’s no rush implied, there’s no up-selling, there’s just a one-on-one service for a gentleman who will appreciate a real men’s service. Whether it ends in a slick style or a messy textured style – it’ll be flawless and on point, cut to complement the individual.
Don’t sit on a tacky sofa waiting in line for the hairdressers; sit at the bar inside our barbershop and hang out with the big boys.


We didn’t want to offer the same old products that have been around in salons and barbershops for years. We wanted to offer innovative brands that our customers have been reading about as new and right for the styles they wanted. We came across Barber Brands International and started with a few of the items they sold, but very quickly found that as soon as we got an order delivered, our customers had us out of stock, and we had to order again.

I guess the thing that surprised me about Barber Brands International was that they are not just about selling one brand, but offering a large and diverse range of different barber brands for us to choose from, so we didn’t have to order one range from one company and a second from another. This convenience, as well as the owner’s availability to consult and chat after hours, even late at night, helped us to build our business quickly.

I have to say that the support we were given as a new barbershop was second to none.