When Bearskin started in 2018 it was merely a simple idea. Create a business that made a difference in men’s lives. A simple concept, that gave rise to a men’s natural & ethically conscious skincare range. A brand that was masculine and edgy but also clean, healthy and contributed to men’s lives in local communities.

As Bearskin has evolved, so has the vision of the company. Bearskin uses natural and simple ingredients to create uncomplicated, highly efficient and hassle free skincare routines. Selling the right products not many products is a Bearskin philosophy and they do just that.

There are 3 fundamental steps to any men’s skincare regime and that’s as simple as it has to be. That’s why Bearskin has developed The Face Wash, Charcoal Face Scrub and Revitalising Face Moisturiser. Quick, easy to use essentials for achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

Each of the products developed by Bearskin contains high-quality natural ingredients like Jojoba beads, volcanic ash, Kakadu plum seed and Shea butter, which work in unison to cleanse, nourish and soothe your skin. By creating all natural formulations Bearskin products are free from chemicals and plastics like microbeads, silicones, detergents, and synthetic fragrances that can have adverse effects on your skin and environment. This ensures that these products are a winning combination for normal to sensitive skin types.

One thing Bearskin highlights and educates men on is there is no silver bullet when it comes to your health and the same goes for your skin. Routine and discipline when combined with quality products and lifestyle are what make the difference long term.

In short, the simple idea that started Bearskin, to make a real difference and impact men’s lives, has lead them to help hundreds of gentlemen around Australia take better care of their face and body. Not only that, they are supporting our local communities and men’s mental health charities by donating $1 from each sale to these charities. When you buy Bearskin, it makes a difference for you and others.