Classic is back. One could be forgiven for thinking it’s the 50’s again as a young man dismounts his Triumph Bonneville and makes his way into the town’s local barbershop. James Dean hair style…….. skinny jeans……..leather jacket. A natural confidence. He’s there to get his pompadour fade freshened up, his beard trimmed and oiled and his own personalised style on point

Today’s young men and women are allowed to be cool again and express themselves in a way that new local culture allows. Our local communities have seen barbershops, elite barista inspired cafes and food truck stops pop up almost weekly and we are eating up this culture shift. Sleeve tattoos are no longer taboo, guys are showing off stylised beards – some as soon as they can grow one and they are riding motorcycles again – classics, cruisers and café racers.

Custom. Custom hairstyle. Custom beards. Custom tattoos. Custom coffee. Custom BBQ. Custom rides. Today’s youth are entwined in culture where all of these things make you stand out but also bring you together. Razor part pomp, low fade quiff, short stubble ducktail, Bandholz, espresso, long black, BBQ ribs, special blend rub pulled beef, bobber, café racer – All of these define individuality but also group us together in a modern culture club.

For nearly 60 years, Triumph’s motorcycles have evolved with popular culture from the Triumph Trophy famously clearing the fence by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape to Chris Pratt escaping dinosaurs on a Bonneville Scrambler in Jurassic World.

For Triumph, the release of the all-new Bonneville Bobber is the culmination of the revitalisation of the modern classic Bonneville range. 50’s-60’s inspired classic motorcycles brought into a modern age with classic styling infused with modern riding, performance and safety technology.

Similarly, we’re seeing the modern revolution of 50’s classic as a young woman with a tattooed sleeve dismounts her Bonneville Bobber, shakes her hair free and makes her way to the café.