Beef’s Barbers is located in Australia’s barbering mecca, Melbourne, co-founders Shaun and Dean knew they had their work cut out for them from the day they opened their doors just a year ago. Not shy of a little hard work, the 30 years of collective experience between the boys has cemented Beef’s in the industry as a go-to for the suited nine-to-fiver, and the tattoo laden Melbourner alike.

“The haircut helps, but 50% of what you do, is not actually what you do. It’s about rapport and community” Dean says with sentiment. It’s a combination of experience, banter and genuine interest in their clientele that makes a day at the shop look more like a day spent with mates; equally as happy to discuss the trials and tribulations of life over a beer and a cut, Shaun and the lads know all too well the importance of a quality trim and how to communicate this to the client.

A great cut to them is a cut that lasts and doesn’t take half a tub of wax to get there, and Beef’s score extra points here in the way they share their knowledge with whoever’s in the chair. In a world of taper fades and short-back-and-sides, it’s the little things that count; all too often the boys deal with clients who’ve never been given the run-down on how to style and maintain their fuzz, and it’s these shared tricks of the trade that build the foundations of that customer-barber bond everyone’s chasing. Going down the handy hints rabbit-hole, Shaun mentions that convincing their clients to keep a hairdryer at hand can sometimes be challenging, but worthwhile none the less – pair this with some quality product (in Beef’s case: Modern Pirate, Mr. Smith, Dodgy Bastard) and you have a lasting cut that keeps your every-man looking as sharp as he did leaving the barbershop last month.

Shaun and Dean are well aware Melbourne is experiencing a serious barber boom that has the potential to flatline at some point, yet their extensive history in the trade both locally and abroad keeps them confident that Beef’s Barbers is here to stay. The undeniably insta-friendly shop dog, Beef, definitely hasn’t harmed their reputation; and Shaun taking out 1st place at the Melbourne heat of the Cutthroat x Metter’s Martini Barber Wars is surely an accolade worth noting. Yet, the boys believe it goes beyond that, their community – with Beef at the crux of it – is one that’s constantly expanding through mateship, quality banter and even better service. 

Look for @BeefsBarbers on your socials, or swing past 258 Bridge Rd. Richmond for a trim, a chat and a little loving from Beef.

Words by Rick Stephens.