Crooners Barbershop located in Brisbane’s inner city suburb of Ashgrove has been one of Osaka Scissor’s most early adopters, thanks to Ross from Scissors & Supply Co.  The expertise and guidance by Ross in ensuring the Crooners’ crew were able to  select the most suitable scissors has been invaluable. 

Crooners is run by owner Paul Dudfield (@barberpaulyjay)  and his two senior barbers, Quan Le (@barber_qle) and Leonie Mayne (@leonie.mayne).

The barbershop will bring you back in time as Paul describes “I wanted to create a shop that had the same feel and character as the old barbershop which are seen in the movies growing up. So I added in anything I could think of which represented the old style barber from the music to the decor. I was very happy with how it worked out. And even happier that the customers agreed.” 

At Osaka Scissors, we are stoked to have Paul and his crew on board our brand, and even more stoked that we are able to make an impact on improving our client’s everyday cutting experience.   

Paul’s testimonial:
“The scissors I find are good for my hands, as others have made them sore. Very good for point cutting also. Great scissors. Also the best texturised scissor I have ever used.” (Zeta and GX40)

ZETA – $350.00
GX40 – $270.00

Barber Q’s testimonial:
“Having used the Osaka scissor range for over a year now, I feel like I wished I came across them sooner. They cater for all styles of cutting, they are a scissor that truly needs to be used to be believed. They have definitely changed the quality of my work.” (Zeta, CXS, MT)

OSAKA CXS – $270.00

MT – $550.00

For a quick and easy consultation to see which scissors is most suitable for you, please text or call:

Sydney – Osaka Scissors 0406037777 (also available on Whatsapp)

Brisbane – Scissors & Supply Co Ross Simms 0412 668 760