Some mighty fine #BeardSeasonAmbassadors here… all celebrating the launch of @HairByTommyJ’s second #barbershop which you can now visit at 168 George St, Windsor!! ⁣

Tommy and his team have been massive supporters of #BeardSeason’s growth over the years and it was wonderful to celebrate theirs. ⁣

COVID has impacted the #barber industry pretty hard and it was great to see him finding ways to thrive and diversify. Building on his community and getting closer to his family in #WesternSydney. ⁣

Their barbershop in Redfern was known as the #BeardSeasonHQ over the last few winters. ⁣

They’ve cultivated many fine fields of facial follicles, challenged plenty of their clients to sign up as #BeardSeasonAmbassadors and (most importantly) encouraged sooooooh many people to get a #BeardSeasonSkincheck.

Something which has literally saved lives… ⁣finding suss looking spots that people might not normally be able to see.

Now, we have two #HeadQuarters!!!⁣

Tommy and his team are some of the best in the biz and it’s awesome to be part of their journey. Can highly recommend a visit to both their shopfronts. Especially the #Windsor one. It’s inspiring, uplifting annnnnd it feels damn fine to get a proper #haircut again. ⁣

Thanks mates!! ⁣


To sign up, learn more or make a donation, visit⁣

Together, we will make #melanoma… history.