• For those who look to shave off their beard for summer, what are some things to avoid or do to make the shaving process as easy and pain free as possible?

For the best shave try to steam the face or wash with warm water and massage the skin with your preferred shaving oil. The natural steam will open up your pores and make your hair softer. Then apply shaving cream in circular motions to soften the hair before shaving. Avoid washing face with cold water and don’t rush!

  • What are some top tips to master the cleanest shave?

The key to get a clean shave lies in the preparation, technique and the aftercare. Shave twice using a fresh blade on the second shave. Soften your beard and foam it up.  

  • What’s the best after care to maintain/avoid irritation after a shave?

Apply a cold towel to face or wash with cold water directly after shave, it is important to dry your face by patting rather than rubbing it (rubbing could cause irritation). Then use preferred after shave and moisturiser

  • If people do want to keep their beard, what are some good beard styles for the summer?

This totally depends on the thickness and length of the beard and shape of the face, e.g the moustache, the clean-shaven or the anchor which I’d say suit the warmer weather better as they are flexible looks and have lower hair density to let you feel more breezy. Any beard style looks great when it’s done professionally! Guys go see your barbers it’s worth it 😉

  • What are some generally good grooming products that work well for the warmer weather?

The best hair waxes are pomadefibre and molding clay for warmer weather. I’d also say post shave cooling lotion which gives you that sort of tingling effect and cool down your skin, and all-in-one face balm SPF 15 which you could use as your daily moisturiser.

  • Any other tips/things you’d like to add?

Some people might notice that they have dandruff only in summer, this is because heat damages both your scalp and hair, thus starting dandruff outbreak. So please when you wash your hair make sure you dry your scalp afterwards to avoid dandruff and other scalp conditions. If the scalp conditions becomes unbalanced it can lead to hair loss. We recommend using the right shampoo to clean your hair from the product you use such as American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover.