The IHS WA creative team has provided a platform for barbers and hairdressers of all levels to compete for the top prize in LORD OF THE BARBER.

Focused on being the beginning of a new era of competitions, the IHS – Creative Team consisting of Daniel Yap, Christian Dalley, Nakia Stevens, Joanna Banks, Sue Goy, Lisa Polini, Sarah Penno and Peter Del Casale want to lift the standards of WA to an even higher level. As a group, “We are all artistically minded and looking beyond the present, excited about what is about to happen and inspired to be at the forefront of trends”.

Lord of the Barbers was the first championship for 2015, where it brought over 40 competitors and 200 spectators showcasing craftsmanship and artistry with categories of “Junior/Senior Classical Design” and “Junior/Senior High Fashion New Generation”.

The High Fashion New Generation category had 20 competitors battling it out; the competitors were allowed to break out, create shapes and use any clipper attachment to create the ultimate creative design, all within a 30 minute time frame. Taahir from Mr-T Barber created the perfect look with a perfect score, giving him the title and first place winner in the Senior High Fashion Next Generation.

Salon International supplies were the very generous major sponsors for the event and also displayed a pop up stall showcasing their new products and latest appliances. It was a chance to also see the latest gadgets in barbering.

Barbering has taken off around the world, and we are now seeing a huge demand in men’s haircutting.  “We wanted to bring this trend to the forefront and bring all the local talent out to compete and finally, just a competition for men’s hairdressing and barbering.” – IHS Creative Team.

The night also showcased a barbershop quartet, graffiti artist, and a highly organised and professional team of judges, headed up by Sue Goy and Joanna Banks.  “Seeing so much talent coming together in one night was just amazing, and seeing the diversity of creative work from the competitors was awesome,” Sue said.

Prizes to the value of $1,500 were given to all the first place winners. Excellent Edges/Wahl, Keune Hair Cosmetics and American Crew were also sponsors of the event and provided much sought after equipment to the winners. But it was the results that everyone had come to see, and well-deserved congratulations go to the winners!

Event winners:

Junior Classic

1st: Cordeliah Daley – Momo Hairdressing
2nd: Sean May – Hair Junkies
3rd: Bradley Cottrell – Hype Hair Studio, the Barber Shop

Senior Classic

1st: Dylen Flanegan – The Barber Shop
2nd: Paddy Lin – Tao of Hair
3rd: Asika Aiko – Tao of hair

Junior High Fashion Next Generation

1st: Hiawe Daley Bercich – Sonnys Barber Shop

2nd: Cordeliah Daley – Momo Hairdressing

3rd: Josh James Smith – Fades Barbershop, Perth

Senior High Fashion Next Generation

1st: Taahir – Mr-T Barber

2nd: Perfect Brown – The Perfect Barbershop

3rd: Katy Mowat – Shape “up” at Barbertown

The next IHS – WA events are being held in May and in September for the IHS state championship, where a barber category will be introduced into the competition for the very first time.

“We are super excited about 2015 – a new change of direction, which everyone can be a part of and most importantly, creating something you can be proud of.” – IHS Creative Team.

For more information on the Lord of the Barber
Championship, please contact Nakia Stevens: