Written by Collette Saunders

The impacts on our barbering industry due to Covid-19.  Where do I start?! Financial, physical, emotional, mental?!  All is taking a hit. One of the biggest responses is “my anxiety levels to be honest “.  Our barbers are trying to not let it affect clients’ service, but with everyone talking about it, it is impossible to put it to the back of their mind and get on with the job at hand.

“Guilt”! Small business owners are impacted by guilt because it is not 100% possible to protect their clients and operate as usual. Guilt for not being able to “protect themselves from being immuno-compromised”, and deciding to close even though the government still lists them as “essential”.  Guilt for remaining open to ”help people feel good through this time and not slip into mental stress myself”.

Backlash! From industry peers, both for continuing to work and also for choosing to close down. Our businesses are by their very nature hands on and healing, and here we are holding in the trenches, on the frontline to make people look and feel good at a time when we really need to be home with our families.  The economy will suffer either way but how much more will the 40000 hair industry workers bear as they continue to hold ground.

Businesses are holding teams ”together with faith” Fulfilling responsibilities as leaders, mother/father figures, you name it!! They are adapting and diversifying their businesses to serve their communities, keeping up morale, coffee, fresh air and conversation.

Serious and uncertain times but “connection is for the soul what exercise is for the body” and “we will win this battle”!

Collette @collettecutthroats

Founder @australianfemalebarbers