We’ve all had that moment where you turn the corner into your own bathroom to be confronted by your worst nightmare, only to realise it’s the wife attending to her weekly beauty regime, with facemask and cucumbers for eyes.

I think, without giving away too much of our masculinity, some can admit to joining our wives or girlfriends in a facemask or two. Either to please them or, in my case, just interested in the results.

So when I was chatting to Mal McNeilly from Barber Pro about his new range of award winning skin care products for men, I asked him to send me some of his product to try for myself, which he kindly agreed.

I was very excited on receiving Barber Pro’s generous array of products:

  • Super Eye Mask
  • Gentleman’s Hydrating Sheet Mask
  • Putty Black Peel
  • Skin Renewing Foil Mask
  • Barber Pro Foot Peel

First and foremost, the packaging is presented as a luxury product and the branding is simple but ingenious, with a moustachioed dude on the front.

I started with the Gentleman Sheet Mask and looked at the ingredients, as I always do with anything I might apply to my skin.

  • Charcoal Extract
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • Rice Extract
  • Charcoal Powder
  • Parfum

All looking safe and sexy, now I get to sample the goods! I follow the instructions. Wash my face, dry-off; open the pack to find a folded black foil sheet, in a solution. It had a perfume smell more cologne than flowery.

In unfolding the mask, it becomes self-explanatory as to where the eye and mouth slots shape the mask over ones face. With a grimace I tipped my head back and placed the mask onto my face, imagining it might slide right off again. To my surprise it sticks on comfortably.

The next step on the instructions is to wear the mask for 20 mins. So I lie on the sofa, shut my eyes and start to relax my jaw, my cheeks, all the little muscles around my eyes, my forehead and even my scalp relaxes. One feels like one is being pampered at a parlour, as the skin feels fresh, like it’s breathing and my nostrils are filled with nice aromas.

I stay the course, lost in my own world of self-love, in a meditative state. After 20-minutes I take the mask off, but in no hurry to wash off the remnants of moisture I choose to rub it in further and let my skin soak up what is left.

I’m sure you’re enjoying this journey with me, but shortly after, I go to sleep! However the next day was telling. My skin was glowing with vitality, whether this is the Camellia Sinensis, the Leaf Extract or the Raspberry Ketone, I’m not sure. Maybe it was simply that I had given some time over to myself and this was what my body was giving back, but there was no mistaking the large, irritated spot that had been brought to the surface of my skin by the treatment, which I quickly removed from my face the next day by merely a touch of lavender oil, leaving my skin and face glowing.

In conclusion, I have since been undertaking a weekly skin routine, using the Barber Pro products, and now having tried all the facial products, I can stand tall in recommending them to my male friends and barber mates.

All Barber Pro Masks are biodegradable. To get your Barber Pro masks contact… info@barberpro.net.au