The Barber of the Year sponsored by Barber Brands is an Australian National skills competition that is open to all states and territories. The best of the best travelled to participate and challenge each other in order to take home the gold and become the Barber of the Year.

Barber of the Year 2019 winner Leigh Winsor, Starting his career in the South West of England at the age of 15 working his weekends sweeping the floors and shampooing hair. Once school was finished he started and apprenticeship right away. Leigh spent years focusing on perfecting his craft and skill set before reaching the shores of Australia. Entering a wide variety of competitions back home, he became the NHF South West of England Senior Hair Champion 2011. His Australian awards consist of 1st place HBIA Fashion cut & colour 2017 3rd Place HBIA Men’s Classic Cut 2018 1st Place Barber Expo/Cutthroat Journal Barber of The Year Award 2019 Highlights include, contributing to Area Studio winning HBIA Salon of the Year 2018, winning Barber of the Year 2019 and becoming an Andis National Educator!

Check out his work via socials @thebarbellbarber