‘Study finds them ‘more masculine’

A recent scientific study found that men with bald heads are perceived to be more masculine, dominant and strong.  So if you are bald, don’t worry about it: embrace it by shaving your hair off and whatever you do, according to the study, do not wear a toupee, comb it over or try hiding it. The study argues women will generally perceive men with a shaved hair as more confident.

The numbers
According to the American Hair Loss Association, two thirds of men will at least lose some hair by age 35, whilst by the age of 50, 85% will have experienced a significant amount of hair loss. There can be psychological issues if men lose their hair if they’re younger than 22. Luckily, our society has accepted the trend that bald men shave their hair off completely, with most men who start losing their hair commonly encouraged to shave it off completely at the very first signs of thinning.

The theories
There are various theories explaining women’s attraction to bald men. Women looking at a man’s face usually notice the hair first, however in the absence of hair women look at the eyes instead: first impressions count the most, thus men with a bold visage draw attention to their eyes first and are able to make a greater impact. Another theory states that women might associate men with a shaved hair with babies with connected mother instincts then kicking in.

Facial hair?
The study also reported indicating their references for facial hair on men. Most women were split, with some saying they loved men with a short beard and others preferring cleanshaven men. And all agreed that whatever facial hair style men choose they should look groomed and hygienic, so taller and scruffy beards are out of the question.

This article originally appeared on FirstMalta.com

New editor Coops witnesses the baldness

What’s this business, ey? Some ‘study’ has come out the USA alleging women find bald blokes more attractive and dominant or somesuch? Well, of course they do. Have you noticed all the pics accompanying the spate of recent articles about the study were all of some stud in a suit? A stud who happened to, also, be bald.

The truth, dear friends, is all attractive people look good in suits. Unattractive people look good in suits, and they look outta sight in good suits. And Vin Diesel crushes in everything. I reckon the study’s real revelation is how much the public perception of bald men has them in suits.

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying bald men are unattractive. Some of the finest, most handsome examples of our sex haven’t got a whisker up top. But I think we need to be very skeptical of this latest study.

For example, surely the responsible and scientific thing for the American Hair Loss Association to do was ask how women feel about strawberry blonde men with full red beards?

This article originally appeared on First Malta:  http://blog.firstmalta.com/2016/03/30/bald-men-are-sexier-more-masculine-scientific-study-finds/