We are very excited to introduce Anthony’s newest addition to their popular range, Anthony 1: an intriguing, irresistibly fresh, and first fragrance for this reputable brand. With an expansive opening of top notes reminiscent of early Spring in Calabria and the scent of zesty lemons, spicy pink peppercorn, and Guatemalan cardamom, you will think you’re on a trip around the world when you dive into the mid-notes of French lavender, pine and Haitian vetiver. Base notes of Moroccan cedarwood and Australian sandalwood absolutes create the most luxe wood tone, you can almost feel it. A rare and welcome hint of Indian cypriol adds a one-of-a-kind leathery quality. Notes of amber and musk provide a smouldering touch that encompass the whole journey. While marketed towards men, this unisex fragrance will provide you with an enticing, smooth and safe way to travel in our current climate.

Available at Barber Brands International