Culture Kings is a one-stop style destination for the freshest cuts and premium streetwear. Anyone who’s set foot in the Culture Kings stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast will know there’s no experience like it in the world.

The unique concept stores are pumping with live DJs spinning, instore barbershops and one of the largest streetwear collections on the planet.

The Cutthroat Journal sat down with Andrea to talk barber trends and life as one of Culture Kings’ Master Barbers.

Andrea heads Culture Kings Barbershop in Sydney but his affair with classic barbering style began in Melbourne. Andrea tells, “I was down in Melbourne when the barber scene first started getting real big down there. Dudes were doing pretty cool stuff with their hair and I thought, ‘Yeah, I wanna be a part of that!’ So I started cutting and got into the classic side of barbering by doing lots of ‘50s and ‘60s inspired haircuts.” It was love at first chop.

A lot of Culture Kings customers request the ever popular, standard comb over though Andrea enjoys mixing things up to include pomps, rockabilly work and psychobilly work – especially psychobilly Mohawks and quiffs in his repertoire.

His all-time favourite? “I like cutting classic styles because, not only are they challenging to do, but they also grow out real nicely. They’ve got the longevity; I think that’s really important – that’s what makes a good haircut, something that looks good one month to six weeks later. Not something that expires a week after you cut it.”

It’s always best to pay your respects to classic style but barbering at Culture Kings is about constantly evolving as well. Creating new takes on classic styles to give the customer the freshest look possible to match the brand’s trendsetting streetwear range.

“I like it when someone comes in with a classic cut, but a little bit different to what you normally see on the streets,” he says. “I saw a dude with a pretty cool psycho Mohawk the other day – it was completely flat, cut up long through the front and was kind of blending into the skin at the back. Sort of like ‘60s punk kinda look.”

“The most common hairstyles in Sydney are probably still the comb over,” Andrea shares, “The ones shaved all the way up to the part and then just slicked over to the other side are probably my least favourite haircut. It’s totally overdone. It doesn’t grow out nicely. Anything with super high clippering generally doesn’t last.”

All barbers have their favourite product, what’s Andreas? “My favourite product at the moment is Rats Get Fat’s Original Pomade. It’s just a super smooth pomade, it goes through real easy, no tugs when you try to comb it through and it’s got amazing hold to it – it just holds all day. Easy to use.”

What does he love about cutting at Culture Kings? “You get all different types of people in the chair. You get the corporates and the real business guys through to African hair.”

It’s not all sleek cuts and creative challenges at Culture Kings though. “About two weeks ago a dude came in and ripped his shirt off and asked one of the barbers to shave his back. And he did it! That was the most messed up thing.”