Alkali create original, premium quality handmade fins for people who love surfing. Hand foiled from fibreglass panels, our focus is to bring new life to fin templates that have stood the test of time. We make choosing your perfect fin simple, with options for all board types, setups & styles. Beautiful & unique colours, available in box fin, plug & glass-on, as well as a range of custom & limited edition templates. By combining the best from modern designs, premium materials & proven techniques, Alkali Fins are unique & unrivalled.

My stepfather (Phil) started the business of making handmade fins 20 years previously. He was sought after for the quality and workmanship – built up a very reputable business, especially respected by longboarders, who can appreciate and feel the performance of a high quality fiberglass fin compared to the norm of the time, which was plastic pop outs and cheap imitations. In a bum deal, he sold a few designs and naming rights to a multinational, who promised a lot, but left him jaded with the industry.

Five years ago I was living in Bali and saw a refreshing movement towards individual surfing and high quality surf goods. This was a change from the serious competitve surfers of the ’90s early 2000s and also a revolt of the boards and fins being made from cheap overseas factories without care or style.

I contacted a close friend of mine (Craig) who had grown up with me watching Phil start the business sanding fins in our garage at home, and we chatted about starting to make surfboard fins. We had a factory available, a guy who is one of only a handful in the world able to make great, handmade surfboard fins, Craig had business nous, and I had a head full of ideas and a yearning to say goodbye to the maritime industry for more surf time.

We created a name, hired Phil as our leading craftsman, inherited his fatory full of history, fin templates and dust (lots of dust) and got to work.

Although our fins are pretty, we ain’t a retro company. We are driven by quality, craftmanship, and the belief that fibreglass fins made well out-perform anything else available.

We are referencing the best shapers in the world through thousands of fin templates that have been hanging on the walls for 20+ years.

More than just sponsoring guys to flap about on a wave, we love dealing with shapers and surfers who give feedback on the fins and work with us to create better shit.

We custom make fins from start to finish for anyone that asks. We supply shapers & stores.

Check us out!