BREAKING NEWS!!!! ?????Tonight our amazing CEO Sandy Chong was awarded the AHIA 2020 Special Recognition Award for her leadership and guidance in navigating our industry through COVID-19. ???So unexpected but so definitely well deserved!Sandy is a true leader and does so much more behind the scenes than what everyone knows. She works 24/7 supporting and helping salon owners, AHC members and non, to inform, help and advise, throughout their daily trials and tribulations in business.

Sandy takes personal messages at midnight, writes references and fills out forms for those who might not have English as their first language, drives to Canberra from Newcastle and back in a day every few weeks to represent our industry and be a voice for hair and beauty to make sure we are heard. And that’s just a teeny bit of insight. She holds hands, gives honest advice, cries tears and tells funny and reassuring stories when we need it most.

Throughout COVID-19 she was appreciated as a leader and copped enormous personal and professional flack from those who felt vulnerable, scared and angry. But she brushed it off, kept forward thinking and connecting, and still ran her own salon and family as well as the AHC so that hairdressing, beauty and barbering was heard and taken on board with the powers that be in Government and Industry.It’s all in a days work for this superstar and we are so proud and happy and appreciative that we have Sandy leading our industry. ???Congratulations Sandy Chong, you are one amazing lady and we look forward to celebrating this great accolade in person in 2021. Thank you for everything you do for our industry!