In Australia we drink over 13 billion dollars worth of coffee from our home environment, and espresso coffee is now our drink of choice. This trend has happened faster in the last five years, with the introduction of the pod/capsule machine.

This has made espresso coffee very affordable to have in the home, and in small business like the barbershop. The pod system is a great starting block, but it has a few issues, like the strength of the pod serve. It is quite weak considering a Nespresso capsule can only take around 5 grams of coffee. Most café owners are serving a volume of plus ten grams through a traditional espresso machine single cup coffee. Pods, or capsule machines, are also not going to give you the same milk steaming quality that you would get from a boiler style espresso setup. Remember, 95% of coffees sold in cafes are milk based.

I would like to introduce a system that is the next step up from a capsule model. It is going to have some real longevity into the future. I have personally owned a Giotto Coffee machine now for over ten years and it has not missed a beat. Last year I gave it a birthday present and put in a new shower screen and seal, which cost less than $20. Not  bad maintenance for a machine that has turned out thousands of life saving morning brews.

Imagine, Rocket Giotto PID V3 ‘Cutting Edge, in barbershops, offering espressos! This machine has a very small footprint and will replicate a fully commercially espresso system. It’s the top of the range home machine but it’s semi commercially applicable. There are many small restaurants and bars that use the Giotto as their coffee system.

It’s really not a difficult series of short steps to be able to offer your clients a crackingly good espresso based coffee! Already, so many of the nation’s hair salons have this on offer for their customers, Now with the emergence of the men’s barbershop, it’s time to get on board.

The Rocket Giotto is a wonderful addition to any small to medium size business in any industry. Add value and retro style to your customer service. A Giotto will give the cool element that the modern Barber space is renowned for.

A reasonably small investment for such a great value add quality café coffee experience in store.

15 years on, and the year on year growth of this Rocket Giotto category of machinery has been very impressive for home. Also specifically for the small to medium sized businesses that wish to pride themselves on adding another level of customer focused service, a wonderful coffee.

In this category of espresso machine, the Rocket Giotto delivers the same four key features that a commercial machine does. This means the outcome is identical in every way to your favourite espresso bar café purchase, provided you follow a few basic steps.

The Giotto has many technical features in its latest model, replicating a high end commercial coffee machine like you see in cafes, but still very easy to use. Going from a capsule machine to the Giotto is like going from a FJ Holden to a Ferrari. A huge jump in quality, at a great price point.

Its time to add some quality into your barber business. Stop sending your customers up the street for a coffee, or offering that weak brew that they pretend to like.

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