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48,000 acres of rainforest saved with asymmetrical hairstyles
Half the world’s rainforests have been destroyed, and is inspiring an army of environmentalists to shave half their beard or braid half their hair to raise money for rainforest protection. wear the issue on their face having people ask “what’s going on? Lose a beat?” allowing for a conversation about conservation to start. All donations raised go towards rainforest protection with partners Rainforest Trust who match every donation $1 for $1. Double the impact. On average every $2.50 protects an acre of rainforest for life for threatened and endangered species.

Joining HalfCut are some of Australia’s most well-known faces; Melbourne locals chefs Matt Wilkonson and Paul West, Stuart Gregor Co-owner 4 Pillars, David Pocock, Samantha Brett, Laura Wells, Clint Price (aka Wombat) & Costa Georgiadis.

National HalfCut Day August 31st at Mr Matt Wilkinson’s and Mr Stuart Gregor are having a HalfCut beat with whoever raises the most has the glory to cut half the beard off at The Pie Shop with proceeds from the event going towards to goal of raising $365,000.

Over $121,000 has been raised so far and with the help of the general public joining the campaign on August 31st National HalfCut Day to reach the goal. With the support of independent local breweries donating karma kegs to help save the rainforests, who said asymmetrical beads, hair and beers just couldn’t save our last remaining rainforests?

Laura Wells (sustainability model), Jessica Clarke & James Stanton-Cooke (Co-founders), Danny Lim (activist), Clint Price (Wombat), Samatha Brett (Channel 7) and Jake Clint with Smarty the dog.