Written by James Holder – Owner of 4 Jimbo’s barbershops in Newcastle and Port Macquarie

I have been in the barber industry for over 20 years and have never seen anything quite like this before. Everyone from individuals to small businesses are facing these same difficulties in their own industries, as I am an owner of 4 barber shops this has affected our trade significantly. At Jimbo’s Barbershop we have implement a few safety precautions to keep not only our staff safe, but other customers as well. Here are my top ten tips to help your business out during this pandemic.

Tip 1

Constantly keep your clippers and combs clean and properly sanitised. Using clippercide is a must.

Tip 2

Make sure you’re washing your hands and sanitising them before each customer and even doing it in-front of the customer so they can see.

Tip 3

If you have a walk in only shop, start considering offering appointment only to prevent the mass of customers.

Tip 4

Have a limit on how many sit down customers are in the shop at once, as this is a great breeding ground for colds.

Tip 5

If you are feeling unwell please refrain yourself from stepping into the shop.

Tip 6

Have a stack of clean towels and make sure they are being properly washed and sanitised.

Tip 6

Keep your capes clean and washed.

Tip 7

Keep up the daily maintenance of your tools ensuring they are sanitised and well oiled before each customer.

Tip 8

Ensure the shop is clean and sanitised regularly.

Tip 9

Encourage your customers to be washing their hands and using hand sanitiser that is available.

Tip 10

Recommend to use card payments to reduce the risk of handling cash.